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About the Systrum aka Sistrum

This is the ORIGINAL uniquely designed 
Tahya Ceremonial Systrum™
no substitute
inferior model 


Tahya Ceremonial Systrum


Inspired by ancient percussion,
infusing new life into your music!

Augment your world music instrument collection;
enhance your band's alternative sounds;

heighten an orchestral tutti;

enliven the stage at a rock concert ... and more...

Standing approx. 16" high, this beautiful instrument is hand-
crafted from rosewood with nickel silver jingles on rods deliberately snake-shaped
in keeping with historical aspects.  [click here for more info. regarding history]

The systrum (aka sistrum) is a hand-held percussion instrument applicable to professional, collegiate and community percussion ensembles, and/or personal use (for suggestions, click here ).

Designed to be used in a variety of ways, it adds a wonderful new texture to musical, chanting, dancing & drumming experiences.  In the hands of those who have expressed a desire to be part of a drumming circle but who are discouraged by the learning curve related to drumming, playing the Ceremonial Systrum™ is like a playing a baby's rattle ~
it's a natural fit empowering budding percussionists!

An objet d'art inspired by Hathor, designed by Tahya and manufactured* by Mid-East Mfg., Inc., it's artistic merit inspires display in your home, studio, or the workplace.

The inspiration behind the re-emergence of this percussion instrument known as the the systrum (aka sistrum) followed Tahya's travels to Egypt.

Partake in an exploration into the history, mystery and rhythms of the systrum. For more information regarding booking a PowerPoint with mini-lecture & participatory program in your community, please click on this link: 


to your community

Infuse new life into your music with this instrument
inspired by ancient hand-held percussion.


"The Tahya Ceremonial Systrum™ is a percussion instrument with virtually no learning curve!

I am honored to be a part of re-emerging this beautiful ritual instrument/implement a) to shed light on Egyptian (ancient and contemporary) culture and Goddess cults of Hathor & Isis, etc., and b) to re-inspire meaningful intentional ritual and creative authentic living in our daily lives... all across the planet.

I am *especially* excited to put it in the hands of those who have expressed a desire to be a part of a drumming circle or ceremonial procession but have been discouraged by the learning curve related to drumming.  Like a baby's rattle, the
Ceremonial Systrum
is a natural fit empowering budding percussionists!

Furthermore, playing this instrument connects us to rich millennia-old traditions ~ for example, this percussion instrument was used in ancient temple ceremonies dedicated to Hathor, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of love, music and dance.
- Tahya , designer


Life  Prosperity  Health

* * *

We are pleased to announce the re-emergence of a percussion instrument resembling the hoop-top sistrum:

Re-introducing this historic instrument in the 21st century!

The Tahya Ceremonial Systrum

~ designed to be a spectacular addition to your percussion collection ~

Various hand percussion instruments
Frame drum, singiing bowl, dumbec, riqq, zills & Tahya Ceremonial Systrum
Photo by TruSpirit Imaging

Explore using this percussion instrument to add a wonderful new texture
to your chanting, dancing & drumming experiences!

This exclusive & handcrafted instrument designed by Tahya and manufactured by Mid-East Mfg., Inc.
is available now!




NOTE:  Special thanks to Patrick Cooperman and Shaun McGinnis of Cooperman Frame Drums (VT) 
who were MOST "instrumental" in helping me realize my vision ... 

Christine Goldemen, Tiana Galante and A. Derajja for design assist!




Click here to view sample of Tahya utilizing the Ceremonial Systrum
August 12, 2012 MUSIKFEST progam
with an invocation to Hathor (from hieroglyphic carvings on the temple walls at Dendura)





*The instrument is manufactured by Mid-East Manufacturing Inc. who, BTW, have an amazing line
of musical and percussive instruments.  One of their craft-shops is in Pakistan where our systra are made.

MORE:  A portion of systrum sales proceeds are being donated to The Malala Fund
Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani school pupil and education activist ~ read more:  Wikipedia